Celebrate all that you are, right now.

Celebrate all that you are, right now.

If I could bottle all the incredible intellect, compassion, beauty, strength and love we women possess, I'd surly do so, but what I can do is curate a product line to celebrate all the amazing women as you are, where you are. 

SBF is woman-owned and operated in the Land of Enchantment. Celebrate all that you are, right now.

The shop I devote my time too SB Sentient Beauty LLC, is my mosaic of hope, creativity, tenacity, expertise, and potential. I love the word potential. There are no limits. My mosaic life continues with every day of self-realization. It happens whether I try or not. Self-realization can be passive or active. By just being, we realize who we are by just letting what is happening around us impacts us. Creating and managing my shop has been my refuge during this time of the pandemic with all the news and reality that it brings. Self-care is essential during the best of times, but especially during the worst. Sentient Beauty offers an outlook that encourages taking care of yourself so that you can also be there for those you love. Every day I'm greeted by several pairs of loving eyes anticipating my every move. Being an animal lover I am the mom of these precious creatures as well as my teenaged daughter. They are my constant inspiration and because of this, I want to be an inspiration to them by being the best I can be.

Sentient Beauty Fashions is a place where I hope people will be reminded that they can inspire themselves and others with everything they do. Showing respect for yourself is the best place to start.

Kindness toward our planet and the animals who inhabit them to me is inspiring.

All The Best To You!


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