Política de suscripciones

We do not sell subscriptions. This section is for self-initiated order cancelations. 

If you find that you want to cancel your order and are taken to your order status page, you have a few options that you must take action on immediately for it to process. You will see three options, edit, cancel, and reorder. 

These options are for your convenience and are designed to make it easy for you to cancel and edit existing orders yourself  without you having to contact customer service and you can cancel your order and get a refund yourself as long as the order isn't fulfilled yet. You have 15 minutes to cancel using the cancellation tool after placing your order. 

For order editing, the original order is cancelled, and the shopping cart is reloaded with items from the original order

When you click on the 'Edit order' button, a dialog will be shown to confirm that you want to cancel the original order and your current shopping cart will be reloaded with items from the original order. This way you can change payment information, shipping information, quantity of items, or add/remove other items and checkout easily, this also reduces errors and confusion.


Canceling / Editing Options are automatically disabled when an order is fulfilled

You have 15 minutes to cancel your order after it has been placed.

You can cancel or edit orders from the order status page (thank you page) as long as the order is not fulfilled (either partially or fully). Once an order is marked as fulfilled or any fulfillment has been added to the order, you will see a message stating that the order can no longer be cancelled automatically, and the cancel and edit order buttons will be hidden.

Automatic refunding works on most payment gateways

For most payment gateways, Cancellable tool can automatically refund orders that are cancelled.