How Afterpay works


Afterpay empowers customers to access the things they want and need, while still allowing them to maintain financial wellness and control, by splitting payments in four, for both online and in-store purchases. Afterpay is deeply committed to delivering positive outcomes for customers.

Afterpay it in 4. Always interest-free.

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    Split your purchase into 4 installments

    Browse all your favorite places to shop online or in retail stores near you. Afterpay works online or in-store wherever you are used to shopping.

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    No fees when you pay on time

    Choose Afterpay as your checkout payment method when it’s time. Always zero interest, never additional fees when you pay on time.

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    Enjoy instant approval decision

    Instantly create your account and finish the purchase with ease. You’ll know if you’re approved instantly and your order will ship as usual. 

    Afterpay will direct all inquiries from shoppers, regarding return of goods, to you, the Retailer/Merchant. For privacy purposes, Afterpay is unable to issue a refund to a shopper on behalf of a Merchant.

    Afterpay will only process refunds following the instruction by a Merchant though the issue of a refund request via the Merchant Portal.

    • Afterpay will determine how to apply the refund to the shopper’s order and adjust the shopper's payment schedule accordingly to reflect the refund issued
    • Afterpay will process amounts back to the shopper’s card in the instances where the shopper has made payments to Afterpay already.
    • An email will be sent from Afterpay to the shopper to confirm the refund has been processed and communicate the changes to the shopper’s payment schedule.
    • Any refunds will be accounted for in the next settlement date. Refund amounts will be clearly identified as such in the detailed settlement information.
    • Afterpay Merchant fees are non-refundable in the event of a refund.
    • Once a refund has been issued, Afterpay is not able to reverse or change this action.

    You must NEVER REFUND CASH to a shopper in relation to any amounts paid by shoppers to Afterpay.

    Partial Refunds

    Any refund other than the full order amount is considered a partial refund.

    • Afterpay will automatically update the shopper’s payment schedule by reducing the instalments or processing a refund back to shopper’s card where required.
    • The refund is applied to the 4th instalment first, then the 3rd instalment and so on.

    Example: If the order value is $100 and the shopper has paid 1 instalment of $25 then in case of a partial refund ($60 for this example) Afterpay will cancel the shopper's 4th and 3rd instalments of $25, and reduce the 2nd instalment to $15.

    Full Refunds

    Any refund which is of full order amount is considered as a full refund.

    • Afterpay will automatically cancel the shopper’s payment schedule so that the shopper is no longer charged for the order.
    • If the shopper has made any payments Afterpay will process a refund back to their card.

    For example: If the order value is $100 and the shopper has paid 2 installments of $25 then in case of a full refund Afterpay would cancel the installment 3rd and 4th and process $50 refund (i.e. $25 X 2 instalments) back to shopper's card. 

    Issuing Refunds

    For a variety of ecomm platforms – merchants are requested to process the refund via their website rather than the admin portal:

    • Shopify

    Not on one of these?  Then you need to log onto the Afterpay Merchant Portal to apply the refund via the Afterpay system.

    1. Login to the Merchant Portal
    2. Click on the Order that you wish to apply a Refund to
    3. View Order details and press the ISSUE REFUND button
    4. Enter the Refund Amount and your password
    5. Press ISSUE REFUND button
    6. The refund will be processed by Afterpay to the shopper's order.
    7. The refund will be accounted for in Settlement at the next settlement date.

    Once a refund has been issued, Afterpay is not able to reverse or change this action.

    Note: You will be bound by the terms of your agreement with Afterpay as to how you deal with exchanges, returns and refunds.

    Help for customers wondering how refunds work