Shopify’s Sustainability Fund

Shopify’s Sustainability Fund Investing $5M annually in the most promising solutions to fight climate change.

We need to reverse climate change.

Commerce and entrepreneurship can only thrive in the long term if our planet thrives too.

Shopify’s Sustainability Fund invests to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

By placing bets on emerging technology, we are kickstarting the carbon removal market.

We urge you to join us.

Shopify is a company that wants to see the next century.

To make the next century worth reaching, we need to take better care of our planet.

While Shopify is investing in proven solutions that are already fighting climate change, we are also placing bets on high-potential technologies at the frontier of the carbon removal industry.

Our goal is to help prove, scale, and commercialize climate technology for massive impact in the long term.

Commerce is a powerful vehicle for change. Individuals and businesses making conscious choices can change the world, and Shopify is committed to being an active driver of that change.

Tobi Lütke

Shopify CEO