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My name is Barbara MacFarlane, and I am the Founder/Creator/Owner of SB Sentient Beauty LLC/Sentient Beauty Fashions.
As women, we are so amazing in what we accomplish just innately, being wired to do so. I invite you to follow my entrepreneurial journey.
About Me
Sentient Beauty Fashions is my gift to my daughter showing her that through her own hard work, creativity, power, and love she can build a life for herself that is her own. 
Hello from Barbara, the creator of SBF Sentient Beauty Fashions. We are based in the southwest my home for most of my life. I love the landscape, colors and textures of the southwest and choose fashions that reflect that love. They are ultra classic, and bold with a hint of feminine. Our shop exudes loveliness with a class that is understated and self assured. 
We are new and growing. We hope to inspire you to be a part of our wonderful journey of woman owned entrepreneurship. Let's inspire our sisters and daughters to know they are enough. 
As a woman, and mother it's important to me to offer a shopping experience for women that makes them feel celebrated and seen and to curate designs that they love, in a boutique setting that offers enough. Where less is truly more in our expansive online shopping environment.
Support carbon neutral deliveries
Cultivate an entrepreneurial woman-owned spirit as a model for women.
A bit about me
I'm a native of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, where I've enjoyed a life in the southwest where my love of landscape, vistas and blue skies has engendered in me a connection to the earth as my home where ever I'm living. Although I have traveled way beyond New Mexico and throughout Europe I established roots when I had my daughter. I became a mother at the age of 47 and it was the most transformative time in my life. I retired from my career in behavioral health to be a stay-at-home mother and established a pre-school co-op where families got together to teach our kids, go on field trips and cultivate support and friendship until our kids started kindergarten. My home is where she is, as she grows and establishes her own vision of the world into which I hope she infuses my love, respect for all living things, our planet, people and self into her own life with her own special gifts and talents.  SB Sentient Beauty LLC originated through inspiration and resourcefulness seeking a means by which I'd establish myself as an entrepreneur in our world of continually changing times. I worked from morning to night learning what it meant to create my own eCommerce shop, market it, source products, build a social media presence, tax requirements and all aspects of opening my own business. The learning curve was steep as I'd never done anything like this. I learned that I have an aptitude and love for all aspects so have found it to be my passion from which I draw confidence, inspiration and energy.  The vision for this endeavor emerged at the onset of Covid, as a way to feel connected to the world while in lock down, establish a means for income, and create a vehicle for my now 15 year old daughter to create, earn income and call something her own that I would hand over to her when she wanted it and was old enough to run the business. My love for creating is manifested in my shop in every aspect of it's operation, but motherhood is my biggest honor in life.  Through my entrepreneurship I hope to teach my daughter that she can be anything she desires through her own vision, power, creativity and hard work.  
My education is in Liberal Arts/Dance/Writing having performed in New York, throughout New Mexico and with the New Mexico Ballet Company. As a lover of fine and performing arts and in creating everyday I was honored to portray one of my favorite artists Georgia O'Keefe in the documentary Bone Wind Fire.  NFB "This Emmy-nominated feature film is an intimate and evocative journey into the hearts, minds and eyes of Georgia O’Keeffe, Emily Carr and Frida Kahlo - 3 of the 20th century’s most remarkable artists. The film uses the women’s own words, taken from their letters and diaries, to reveal 3 individual creative processes in all their subtle and fascinating variety." 
We believe that women make the world a better place.
We create life.
We cultivate love.
We speak from our hearts.
We deserve good things."
Sentient Beauty Fashions is your place for good things and we thank you for supporting this woman-owned shop.
My publications below will give you ongoing insight into my process and thoughts about being a woman with a start-up on eCommerce. One that holds my attention and energy in the hopes of enriching not only your lives, but my own. 
Medium - This platform provided me a way of writing down my journey, and sharing in ways that validated what I was doing and aspiring to do. To become one of my devoted subscribers, please go to: My Sentient Beauty Journey.
My Vegan Life Magazine - My magazine will share my life as a vegan, mother and entrepreneur. Writing is a love of mine that I hope will bring useful and insightful, if not humorous, articles about being vegan.
I thank you for this opportunity to stop and share about myself, as being women, we aren't asked often enough what makes us exceptional or note-worthy. I hope to be included in the company of other amazing women who are making their life what they hope for it to be through eCommerce.
Barbara MacFarlane
Contact: bjohnson_87112@yahoo.com/info@sentientbeauty.shop