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Sentient Beauty Fashions is my gift to my daughter showing her that through her own vision, creativity and hard work, she can create of her life exactly what she wants. I hope you find inspiration as well, in my woman-owned and heart-felt shop. 

I search far and wide for fashions that speak to all women and are good for their personal economy. 

Our SHOP deliveries are eco-friendly and carbon neutral.

Our payment options enable you to pay entirely or with installments. 

Under normal circumstances, our deliveries are fast to reasonable from our U.S. fulfillment centers.

Our Worth The Wait International Collections deliveries are just that, worth the wait. 


My publications below will give you ongoing insight into my process and thoughts about being a woman with a start-up on eCommerce. One that holds my attention and energy in the hopes of enriching not only your lives, but my own. 

Medium - This platform provided me a way of writing down my journey, and sharing in ways that validated what I was doing and aspiring to do. To become one of my devoted subscribers, please go to: My Sentient Beauty Journey.
My Vegan Life Magazine - My magazine will share my life as a vegan, mother and entrepreneur. Writing is a love of mine that I hope will bring useful and insightful, if not humorous, articles about being vegan.
I thank you for this opportunity to stop and share about myself, as being women, we aren't asked often enough what makes us exceptional or note-worthy. I hope to be included in the company of other amazing women who are making their life what they hope for it to be through eCommerce.
Barbara MacFarlane




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