Offset your delivery emissions with Shop Pay

Offset your delivery emissions with Shop Pay


Offset your delivery emissions with Shop Pay

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Together, we’ve protected the equivalent of 111,964,788 trees to offset 98708.16 tons of carbon emissions.


You use Shop Pay and we protect trees

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  1. Step1

    You pay for orders online with Shop Pay

  2. Step2

    Your delivery ships from one of over four hundred carriers

  3. Step3

    We track and calculate the emissions produced by your delivery

  4. Step4

    We offset your delivery emissions by protecting an equivalent number of trees


Trees absorb carbon emissions

The more carbon dioxide we have in our atmosphere, the higher the earth’s temperature becomes. Every day, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air. But the trouble is, our fragile forests can't keep up with our growing emissions. By protecting trees from logging, pests, and forest fires, we can offset the carbon emissions produced by every Shop Pay delivery.

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There’s too much carbon in the air

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. And we know carbon-neutral deliveries can't stop it. But by empowering a community of thoughtful shoppers, we can inspire and promote deeper conversations.

For us, Shop better doesn't just mean a faster, more convenient way to shop. It also means making it easier for you to make a better choice for the planet every time you check out with Shop Pay. Funded by Shopify's Sustainability Fund, carbon-neutral deliveries are part of the larger environmental commitment we’ve made to do better for you and our planet.