Help Us Drive Change

With every order you place on Sentient Beauty Fashions, you help us drive change. By choosing Shop pay at checkout. That's your part. Our part is to enable you to do so by offering this wonderful option.

With Planet, Sentient Beauty Fashion can be a driver for change and so can you. What part can you play? Every time you order from SBF, and your order is processed and shipped, a small contribution is made to purchase carbon removal credits from companies that are a part of the Shopify Sustainability Fund, creating technologies and solutions that pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it long term. 

How it works 

Every month, Sentient Beauty Fashions Planet app tracks the total emissions generated by your shipped orders. 

The Planet app automatically calculates your monthly carbon removal cost—through either natured-based or high-tech-based solutions.

This enables us to track: 

  • Number of carbon-neutral deliveries 
  • Total deliver distance
  • Carbon removed (by weight)
  • Carbon removal cost
  • Deliveries over time

Reduce, remove, reverse

There’s no easy fix for climate change, and no solution that will singlehandedly solve the problem. We have to try every possible option, from those that leverage natural processes to new technologies that lock carbon away forever.

We need existing solutions that can make a difference now, and emerging technologies that could have a huge impact in the future.

Shopify’s Sustainability Fund pays the early-adopter premium for carbon removal, funding pilot projects and generating demand to kickstart the market and drive down future prices.