My Vegan Life

My Vegan Life

My Vegan Life

It’s the easiest thing in the world to me being vegan. I love the essence of it. I love the delicious foods and the health it brings. I love that it doesn’t take away from any other living thing. It’s not expensive or pretentious. It just is. I love the absence of all the non-sense foods that abound and the lack of waste. So, lots of greens, fruits, loveliness on my plate.

I go about living intuitively and always have. I won’t present you with my doctorate in nutrition as it doesn’t exist. But, I do possess a Ph.D in me. I’m qualified to speak with authority about what I do, how I think, my choices, my thoughts, my intentions so that is what I will do.

I’ve known nutritionists who with all their knowledge were a health train wreck. With all that knowledge about what can harm the body, they’d partake of everything that did. They had the credentials, but nothing else. Growing up I was a dancer. I was self-aware. I still am. I have never put anything in my body that would impede it’s ability to heal itself. It is from this standpoint that I speak. It’s pretty accessible, being vegan. There are so many choices to make delicious and nutritious food. I do so for my daughter to and she likes it. I will share many of the things we enjoy. Morning routines and healthy choices.   

Morning smoothies.

I enjoy the fact that eating this way makes me more receptive to subtle underlying flavors that over seasoned, fried, salted and sugared food hide.

Morning starters: Smoothies

Dark green is one of my favorites made up of many different ingredients.

Mango Matcha Green Smoothie — The treasure in this smoothie to me is the avocado which gives anything it touches a velvety smooth consistency and lots of rich nutrients and healthy fats for your health.

2 cups greens (1/2 kale/1/2 spinach)

1 cup mango juice

1/2 avocado

2 teaspoons matcha green tea powder —

1 teaspoon maca powder

(Maca powder comes from maca, a root vegetable of the radish family which grows in the Andes)

The beauty of eating vegan is the absence of all things unhealthy in your diet. I don’t have to have conversations with myself about anything I eat as it’s all good. It’s hard enough taking care of ourselves in a world with toxicity of all kinds abounding around. So why not make what you eat pristine and pure, natural and kind, predictable and beautiful?


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