My What A Vegan Life!

My What A Vegan Life!

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Barbara MacFarlane
Now, read on for your inside!
 So, eating well. This is actually a very simple thing to do. Design your life around real foods. Don’t bring home anything else. Enable your body to heal itself by not putting anything in it that impedes its ability to maintain and heal itself.

I visualize my digestion tract a lot, almost every time I eat or drink something and I see the food travel through my intestinal tract and how this food impacts (quite literally) if the food is junk. These moments of visualization make it easy to not eat fried, transfat, sugared, processed, meat-based garbage for what are moments of some kind of gratification eating junk food might bring. But, look at the aftermath, if you can get past the craving that eating this way perpetuates as the more sugar you eat the more you crave, and so on. The same is true with fresh, healthy foods though. The aftermath is health and a sense of real accountability for your health instead.

Pounding greasy chips, cheeseburgers, and cokes then slamming a fist-full of vitamin supplements to compensate is a futile practice and not one to be proud of. You aren’t creating a healthy eco-system into which those expensive, trendy supplements can be absorbed as an unhealthy gut will not be effective in absorbing the supplements. It will have to work harder than it should to access any nutritious value in the poor food selections made.

Let’s reboot, and look at the immeasurable benefits of just eating wisely and selectively and making every bite you take be the healthy currency you put in the bank, so to speak, of your health. On the front end, using compassion across the board toward yourself, animals, and our planet creates your path to physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health as each measure proliferates natural benefits instead of a detriment. You don’t have to undo any catastrophic effect created by doing the opposite. Your health is your own and yours alone, be a steward to yourself and your health so that you can be your best and be there for those you love.

Live holistically.

All the best!

My Vegan Life — The Expertise of Green

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