Being Vegan

Being Vegan

Being Vegan is, for me the easiest way to live in the world, as I can't imagine eating anything other than real, unprocessed, cruelty-free, no-trans fat, no processed sugar, no artificially flavored and colored food. It also helps to have friends who bake like this! Fresh out of her oven, Barbara, the only other Barbara I've ever known other than myself, bakes delicious, beautiful bread right in her gorgeous kitchen with an amazing view of the mountains as the backdrop. 
Pure art. And pure health. Feast your eyes on Vegan Seed Bread! 
Here is what's in this amazing bread.


No flour, no yeast, lots of fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids

Rolled Oates

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds


Flax seeds

Psyllium seed husk

Chia seeds



Olive oil

Maple syrup

I coupled mine with a fresh, romaine salad, with vegan butter and oil and vinegar dressing. 
To Our Health!

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