My Vegan Life - Let Me Be Green

My Vegan Life - Let Me Be Green

Some of my favorite things in life are green, maybe, or probably. Green lights as they enable me to go. Greenery, as it oxygenates the air. Chameleons because they are cool. My eyes because they see, I mean truly see. My turtles because they are an example of sheer self-sufficiency, I mean, they carry their home on their backs. Forests because they are majestic. I’ve had the experience of having someone look at me with suspicion when I offered them a glass with something green in it. I explain it’s vegetables, you know, vegetables? Green vegetables. Fruit, you know fruit? I apologize for my slightly sarcastic tone, but the nature of eating healthy, especially delicious plant-based foods is innate to me. Our bodies crave healthy, nutritious, natural food that don’t impede them to stay and keep us healthy.

Here’s my green for this morning, in a glass, with only natural ingredients. All ingredients you can see in nature. And that is a good thing.

Avocado/Green Tea Smooth

I love Avocados in Smoothies:

  • They add a creamy texture in smoothies without the cream.

Matcha Avocado Smoothie

This easy Avocado Smoothie is only four ingredients and a blender away! Luscious and creamy with a boost of antioxidant from the Matcha green tea.


  • 2 Avocados peeled and pitted

Recipe Notes

  • Use soft ripe avocados for extra texture and body to your smoothie.

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